Cedars has been getting rave reviews for years! Here are just a few of them.

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Drew DaviesDrew Davies
20:16 29 Aug 23
Noah SterlingNoah Sterling
19:07 29 Aug 23
Best butter curries in the city hands down. I’ve tried several other less popular dishes from them and am convinced you can’t go wrong no matter what you order. Furthermore, when I had made a mistake with my order they worked with me to correct it and gave me extra food for my trouble. Bottom line, great food, courteous and generous.
Dan GoldmanDan Goldman
18:01 26 Aug 23
Always reliably tasty. Don't order rice, everything comes with it and you'll have too much! Love the jalfrazie.
Vicki MachovskyVicki Machovsky
01:05 25 Aug 23
We got table outside, perfect summer dinner! Food was excellent! Can't wait to come again. They also had parking.
04:47 15 Aug 23
Impeccable service and food… will come back again
Urvashi BothraUrvashi Bothra
21:51 25 May 23
Great Indian food in the university district. Slightly experience but good taste. Garlic Naan is worth trying. Go for a medium hot spicy to get the best flavours. Enjoy the ambience with Indian songs at the background.
Nibedita PaulNibedita Paul
00:14 13 May 23
I'll not recommend this place. It was the worst Indian food I have ever had. The spices were not tried, the serving was too less. They did not even have proper dining plates. I ordered a chicken and a fish dish, the fish tasted raw...:(
Vanessa AVanessa A
21:24 28 Mar 23
Charming college-town spot for fantastic Indian food. The restaurant is cozy and the staff was friendly and welcoming. We were quickly seated around 6pm on a Friday night.The naan came in giant pieces so we over ordered a bit by getting one per person but it was absolutely worth the leftovers because it was so good. I tried the vindaloo curry with a high spice level and they delivered on heat. I was sweating after a few bites but couldn't stop eating because it was so delicious. The curry was decadent with tender pieces of meat that perfectly complemented the naan.Lots of construction in the area so street parking is pretty limited. It's a short walk from the light rail though.
Vivian KVivian K
16:50 29 Mar 22
Wow. Cedars is a wonderful spot for Indian food. They have a large menu, and the service is fast! The atmosphere of the restaurant is loud once there's a few tables seated, but it feels homey in a way. The mango curry lamb is quite delicious, and I love how they serve their naan. You place your order on your phone at the table which is a little confusing at first but I see more and more restaurants doing this at the moment. Overall, great place!

Oh my goodness. This was my first time at their restaurant as I have always gone to their small location on Broadway. Great food and an even bigger menu to select items from! The wait staff was great, very attentive and polite, and the restaurant was packed. The food was absolutely amazing and I recommend their chai and garlic naan. Beware that the naan is huge so plan on taking some home or share with the table. I would love to come back and try new recipes as I had to leave in a rush.
-Pauline T

Best indian food I’ve ever had! Their butter chicken and garlic naan are amazing!

One of my favorite places to order takeout! This place is a staple for any student or visitor to the area, very well known for their food. At times it can be a hit or a miss, depending on when and what you order, hence the loss of one star. But I come here as much as I can, and did when I lived here, and was always satisfied.

The amount of basmati rice they give you is insane, definitely way more than one person could possibly consume in one sitting. Sometimes a four star spicy rating doesn’t hit my spice meter, and sometimes it’s right on point. I prefer eating my curry with the rice but if you don’t, their naan is HUGE, definitely able to share with more than two or three people.

I can always stretch a meal from Cedar’s for a few days. Their samosas are wonderful too. It might seem to be on the pricey side but if you can’t finish it in one sitting you can have leftovers for at least one day!
-Terra. K

Best Indian food in town and their naan is out of this world! Great service and portions. Would recommend for anyone who is eager to try Indian food around UW!
-Nicolas K.

I love Cedars. The food is always delicious (that butter chicken, good lord), and the owners are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Each time I visit (or order for lunch through Peach) I have an experience better than the last. I highly recommend either Cedars location to anyone looking for authentic and delicious Indian food in Seattle.
-Paul E.

I absolutely love this place. Whenever I am craving Indian food in Seattle, I always go here.

They have the BEST naan (especially the garlic!!). The naan is GINORMOUS and large enough to share amongst 2-3 people and comes with this amazing lime sauce and chutney. The best part, it’s only $2.75! Be careful though to not eat it all at once – it usually comes out first as an appetizer. You will definitely want to save some to eat with your curry.

Mmm, I don’t care if it tastes like their curries are packed full of cream. It. is. so. freakin’. good. The basmati rice that comes with all the curries is light and fluffy just the way it’s supposed to be.

My absolutely favorite curry is the butter masala with lamb. It is a creamy tomato based curry that is similar to the chicken tikka masala, but even better in my opinion. It is more rich and luscious…ugh I want some right now.

Other favorites are mango curry and coconut curry if you want a sweeter alternative. However, the butter masala is so good, I can never will myself to order anything else.

Best food!!!
Awesome service and such delicious food! Every time we go we try something different and have yet to be disappointed.
The portions are great and we always have leftovers.
Best Naan I’ve ever tried at a restaurant.
-Cindy R

Delicious Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. I have yet to have something here I didn’t like! My only complaint is they seem to always be very busy and you have to wait for a table!

I’ve been on an insane Indian food kick lately. I’ve tried almost every restaurant in the area except this one and I’ve heard so much about it! I decided to get dinner to-go, so my review is about that only.

I called in around 5:30 pm and placed my order, and they said it would be only 15-20 minutes. I thought that was pretty quick! So I hopped in my car and headed there. Sure enough, my food was ready upon my arrival. I paid and left, then came home and enjoyed the food. It was absolutely delicious. I ordered the mango chicken curry with palak paneer.

Firstly, the portions were much bigger than other restaurants. I was wary of their price being a dollar or two more than other restaurants but now I understand why! My mango chicken had tons of chicken, not just a few chunks. My palak paneer was totally full of paneer. The mango chicken was very sweet -almost too sweet- but it was offset by the savory palak paneer. Their palak paneer isn’t too creamy and rich, but has an almost bright and spicy flavor. Very tasty and a good match with the creamier mango curry.

They also gave me a massive portion of rice. There’s no way 3-4 people could finish the rice I received for those 2 dishes alone.
-Kate B

I was introduced to cedars on a first date and was completely blown away. I really enjoy all varieties of foods. But Cedars is the best food I’ve ever had. I had the Tikka Masala and I debate going back everyday. I wouldn’t mind getting fat from Cedars food, I would be the happiest fat person on the planet. At times the food can take a little to long. But it is well worth the wait. If you’re debating about going, just give it a try. You won’t regret it.
-Erich K

I love this place! Have had great food and service every time.
Favorites include the garlic naan, the Greek salad, the Indian style tomato soup, the vegetarian appetizer sampler, and any of the curries. So delicious! The naan are huge, chewy, bubbly, and perfect.
The best part is the chutney that comes with naan. The mint/cilantro one is AMAZING and the tamarind one is so so good. I love mixing them, and even using them as dressing for the salad.
This is my go-to Indian place!
-Kate F.

“OMG, I love this place! By far, my favorite “dive” Indian restaurant in the Emerald City. After my friend introduced me to this place, I came monthly when I still lived here. If I could eat that many carbs all the time without consequence, I’d be here all the time! This actually is a decent sized restaurant in a giant house with 2 major dining rooms and a patio area. The dining room can be a bit noisy and sometimes you can feel like you’re packed in there, but the food is worth it! My favorite dish is the navratan korma (cashew cream sauce) which I add chicken to sometimes. I get looks for that one but I do it anyways 😉 The vindaloo is also really good and saag paneer. My friend really enjoys the aloo gobi and the royal biryani is also super tasty! Of course, the thing that tops it all off and makes this place my favorite place ever- the naan! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the garlic naan! Although you can’t go wrong with any of the naans. They come out warm, doughy and huge for an amazing price! The naan is SO good that I can eat the entire thing on my own! And why wouldn’t you?! It’s SO good and fresh, just spilling over the plate… I’m salivating and dreaming about it now!! The service is good, nothing memorable, as service isn’t the forte of most Indian/Asian restaurants, but service is quick and food comes out fast! They aren’t about service but about turnaround and getting you good food so you can get down to the grubbing. Prices are excellent! They do have parking in the lot across the street in the Safeway shopping but it’s pretty limited as there’s only about 4 spots. Street parking is mainly your best bet. I dream an Indian restaurant this good exists in SD but I have yet to find it. Until then, I’ll think of this place nostalgically and always make a stop whenever I’m back in the neighborhood.
-Sandy Y